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We Are Passionate and Dedicated To Photography

PiX Magazine is Africa’s leading photographic and imaging magazine. Photography is our core business and as such we aim to draw close ties between our editorial and the design elements within the magazine.  PiX Magazine is the essential companion for enthusiasts and pro photographers looking to refine their skills. PiX caters to the creative individual who owns a digital camera and who wishes to improve their skills. The magazine focuses on photographic tutorials and techniques and showcases the work of some of the best photographers in South Africa. The combination of tutorials and spectacular images mean that PiX readers can draw inspiration from local and international talent featured in the magazine and at the same time, incorporate lessons learned to improve their own photography.

PiX Magazine is a high quality, trusted brand that focuses on what photographers really want – exceptional images, expert advice and all the latest technology explained. The PiX brand is synonymous with photography and we have numerous strategic alliances with camera manufacturers, photographic colleges and local retail brands to ensure this continuity between PiX and the local photographic community. PiX Magazine has been published since 2003, and is well-respected in the photographic market with a loyal and passionate readership. Our team thrives on testing new editorial and design ideas, experimenting with innovative printing methods on our covers, as well as exploring new ways of distributing our digital and print content worldwide.
The PiX Promise
We are committed to deliver accurate and entertaining editorial to inspire our readers whilst delivering an educational message for aspiring photographers. We embraces digital publishing in all its forms and to keep up with technology we have made PiX Magazine available in multiple formats; printed magazine and in a digital magazine format..
The PiX Philosophy
Each issue is filled with inspirational photographic advice, stunning images, equipment and accessory reviews and exclusive profiles and interviews with leading South African photographers and experts.  PiX Magazine will inform, entertain and educate you through a unique blend of technique articles, inspirational images, and will help you to shoot like a pro.
The PiX Reader
The PiX reader follows an active, outdoors, lifestyle and is generally family orientated with a passion for capturing memories on their digital camera.  They are always in search of a new way to capture images.  The PiX reader is socially active and shares their love for photography with other likeminded individuals. They highly regard values such as creativity and to them photography is not just a hobby, it is a passion that forms an integral part of their lifestyle.


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We love our readers Yep, we certainly do! , and are fully dedicated to keeping you informed about the latest photographic techniques, Local information you can trust products and news.

I bought PiX Magazine and have since subscribed.  I love the technique articles and it has helped me tremendously with my photography.  Thank you PiX for a great magazine!
Lesley, Photographer
Pix has been my friend and source of inspiration in the photography industry for many years now. And just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, along came the new website which is so easy to navigate and full of even more useful information. Thank you Pix ;-)
Adele Visser, Johannesburg
Wow! What an amazing website. I have been a keen reader and follower of Pix magazine since you started 10 years ago and I have learned a great deal from your tips and advice. Now I am looking really forward to getting  even more helpful information from your brand new website.
Grant Watson, Cape Town
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